In the "Whatcha reading today?" category, consider this piece from Sports Illustrated a guilty pleasure.

This week marks the 20th anniversary of O.J. Simpson's infamous Bronco chase around the Los Angeles freeways. That chase, the murders of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson, the trial and his acquittal are seminal moments in 1990s American history. Today, Simpson is in a Nevada prison, convicted not of the California murders but of kidnapping and armed robbery related to sports memorabilia.

The SI piece is a fascinating look at the current life of this former football star -- how he spends his time in prison, what he reads, how he gets along with other inmates, etc. He doesn't like it when someone mentions the murder trial. He plays fantasy football. And he manages a prison softball team. There also are many accounts of Simpson's life after his acquittal but before his Nevada troubles.

SI writes, "Family members and Simpson's manager, Norman Pardo, say that these days Simpson is depressed. He also, according to which tabloid you believe, suffers from brain cancer, weighs more than 300 pounds, is on a hunger strike, has high blood pressure and steals oatmeal cookies from his fellow prisoners at Lovelock. That's all "a bunch of crap," says former prisoner Steven Speidel, who worked with Simpson in the gym until Speidel was released in April after seven years. "He's not a monster," Speidel adds. "He's very outgoing. He's very involved."

-- Phillip Tutor