The consensus is in, the United States is in decline. Except for two world wars, the past six years have been akin to the fall of the Roman Empire. Even the once-mighty British empire at its decline pales in comparison to the steady year-by-year fundamental changes of the phrase, “The American way of Life.”

Whomever uttered these words (We have three days to fundamentally change America) has accomplished that mission, not to America’s best interest but to its detriment and its people. Societies change, that is a given. The values of society are being challenged in such a dictatorial manner.

If we the people, no matter party affiliations, denigrate, ignore, change and scoff at the values that made this great nation, we all become alike to other nations that followed the pied piper to their demise.

In a previous Speak Out letter, I mentioned the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Now, consider Conquest, War, Famine, Death are as common as the doubting Thomases living in a bubble, impervious (so they believe) that their bubble is about to burst. Tourists from most Western nations are going elsewhere; however, the tourists from other countries have more than made up for the loss.Liberals are overjoyed and welcome them with open arms, showing them important buildings that house wonderful benefits, voting booths, driver’s licenses, etc. Last but not least, schools that do not require the English language to obtain an education. Those wonderful liberals.

The liberal mind speaks for itself, it has to because no one is listening. Time and tide wait for no one. The United States is running out of time. The tide is fast becoming a tsunami.

T.J. Summers