After a recent experience with excruciating pain, I have a suggestion for hospitals that would bring comfort to many people who may be in a predicament similar to mine. It also may bring in extra revenue.

I have had kidney-stone attacks, gout and other health ailments, but recently I had an experience with a throbbing tooth that eventually led me to have a root canal.

The pain started about a week earlier, and I had hoped the pain was from sinus problems. About the third or fourth day, the pain intensified, and by the fifth day it was awful.

When I had my kidney-stone attacks, I was able to go to the emergency room and get immediate relief, and with gout I am able to go to the clinic and get a shot or medication, but with a toothache, most dentists can’t stop what they’re doing and perform a root-canal procedure. Instead, you have to be worked in. As for me, I was in so much pain by the sixth day that some non-traditional thoughts crossed my mind as to how I could get relief.

Since there is no emergency room to go to for tooth pain, I recommend that large hospitals put a dentist on staff so people with intense dental pain can get immediate relief instead of having to wait two or three days to get worked-in with your dentist.

I am sure I am not the only person in the counties surrounding Anniston’s two large hospitals who have been in the same quandary. I think there would be enough demand to justify such services as a dentist and dental office onsite.

Thanks to Dr. Timothy Kerper, Pam and Eric, I was able to get relief and am doing much better, albeit with a lighter billfold.

Phil Holliday