In the never-ending quest to satisfy the thirst of Southeastern Conference fans, has provided us with a bit of in-depth investigative journalism -- about the SEC's logo.

That's right.

According to Slate, the SEC's familiar round logo is atypical in comparison to many other college sports conferences (i.e., the Atlantic Coast Conference, for instance). In fact, Slate describes the logo as "anti-modern." (The Slate article is written by James I. Bowie, a sociologist at Northern Arizona University who writes frequently about trademarks.)

Bowie writes, "The genius of SEC branding is that it wholeheartedly embraces a logo with such an antiquated style. Doing so allows the conference to project an image steeped in tradition, heritage, and authenticity, one that resonates with its fans, particularly in the South, where nostalgia for an idealized past remains strong. As the song says, "old times there are not forgotten."

-- Phillip Tutor