I wait for the Sunday edition of The Star to arrive, and the first section I turn to is the page that displays the public records within the city and county.

All of a sudden, I now have to go online to The Star’s website to find them. Well, I thought if I have to do that, I might consider unsubscribing to the paper altogether and go to the Calhoun County website and get it there.

I don’t know who was the brains behind this change, but I don’t like it one bit, and neither do the people I have talked to about it. It’s ridiculous to have taken it away from us in print. Do you have a shortage of paper, or what?

Please reconsider reinstating the public records section, or it may result in a loss of customers. Besides, it seems that a lot of times when I try to actually go online, which are few and far between, I can’t get on it anyway. So please go back to the way it was.

Ricky Chumbler