At the risk of upsetting the ghost of Robert E. Lee and others who came to the South’s rescue back in the day, it’s offensive that in 2014 people still believe secession is Dixie’s natural course.

It’s been tried, and it failed — miserably. More than 600,000 people died because of it.

So enough with the ’sesh talk, OK?

That said, Michael Hill and his organization, The League of the South, have every right to campaign for the second coming of the Confederacy. Never mind that it’s a ludicrous idea stained by white supremacy. (The Southern Poverty Law Center classifies the League of the South as a hate group.) If the League wants its followers to support this notion of setting out on our own, more power to them.

The League’s problem is that few sane people listen to such nonsense, which is why it’s humorous that Lamar Advertising has removed a League of the South billboard in Montgomery not far from where Jefferson Davis became the Confederacy’s president. The billboard’s message, ever so simply, was “SECEDE.” Other Lamar clients complained after the billboard appeared last Friday along Interstate 85, reports, so the company took it down and refunded Hill, the League’s president, the cost of the billboard.

Good. Alabama has its share of modern-day problems — poverty, public education, unemployment, job creation — and secession solves none of them.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the South’s heritage as long as we’re honest about its difficult history. But any talk reminiscent of speeches given by former Confederate Sen. William Lowndes Yancey of Alabama — one of the 19th century’s most fire-breathing secessionists — is nothing but foolish blather. The faster groups such as Hill’s go underground, for good, the better we’ll be.

The Darwinian argument here is that Lamar should have left the League of the South’s billboard in place so Alabamians could see these ’Seshers for what they really are: a dying, hateful breed.