Are you as confused as I am concerning Calhoun County Democratic Party Chairwoman Sheila Gilbert’s request for Carolyn Henderson’s resignation from the voter registrar’s office?

In one paragraph, Gilbert states that Henderson’s interjection of her own speculation is clearly outside the scope of her position as a voter registrar. She further states that it is in fact a totally inappropriate use of her position, particularly when it would seem that registrars are the people who should be most concerned with the integrity of elections.

Is this a contradiction or what? Gilbert didn’t like the fact that Henderson was alarmed that the Board of Registrars had received more than 400 absentee ballot applications from the District 1 Calhoun County Commission race and had reported it. Yet, on the other hand, Gilbert brings up the integrity of elections. Sounds like Henderson was simply doing her job with a lot of integrity.

Bobby Browne