I would like to thank The Anniston Star editors and reporters for their excellent coverage of the standoff between Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama and Regional Medical Center.

My family, unlike others, did not receive a letter from the insurer informing us that after Sept. 12 we would have nowhere to lay a sick body, as our health insurance would not be good at RMC in Anniston. For many years, my family and I have been patients of two fabulous Anniston physicians, both of whom see patients at RMC. If I get sick, I want either or both of them next to me. I don’t want to search for a new doctor and a new hospital.

We have been covered by Blue Cross for more than 40 years, and I can say for a fact that a payment has never been late or skipped. When coverage was increased, we paid. Now we discover that RMC does not really care about the people of this community, as its board has chosen to allow our insurance to become almost meaningless.

I hope this impasse clears up and Blue Cross clients are not victimized by a system over which they have no control or little say. Had it not been for the articles in The Star, many Blue Cross customers would have had no knowledge of the current issues. We may all need a backup plan, and that plan involves our doctors. I surely would hate to be in my last month of pregnancy and discover that after Sept. 12, I may have no place locally to deliver a baby.

Here’s hoping RMC and Blue Cross can manage to find a happy meeting ground.

Meanwhile, I salute The Star for alerting us to this issue; please keep this important story on the front page so that if we should need a hospital after Sept. 12, we can make a plan.

Sherry Blanton