Re “Ronnie H. Carr leaves a legacy in Calhoun, County” (Speak Out, July 27):

Recognition of Ronnie Carr’s role in the establishment of a park in Alexandria has long been the Alexandria Park Committee’s desire and intent. The committee unanimously voted long ago to name the park for him in tribute not only to his involvement in the park’s conception, but also for his humanitarian gifts to our community and others in the need of help. It is willfully noted the enjoyment of those who visit the park today and tomorrow can be attributed to his generosity.

As the writer so noted, Ronnie Carr was a private person who did not seek or want to be recognized for his charitable efforts to help others and bring joy to their lives. It was due to and in respect for his wishes that the park has not been previously named in his honor.

However, with his passing, it is now both appropriate and fitting that the intent to recognize a man who has and continues to touch the lives of so many others comes to fruition. With this being said, the proper designation has been ordered, and a dedication ceremony, for which the public will be notified and invited, is being planned.

Mac Gillam

Alexandria Park Committee