I “went digital” several years ago and typically read portions of newspapers online each week from countries around the world. By comparison, I have to say our little ole’ hometown paper has gone world class. The Star’s website is designed to be easy to navigate, and with a quick flick of the finger, it blows up on my tablet to a font my aging eyes can see without glasses. Woo-hoo!

It’s nice to see a local paper like The Star, which is so firmly rooted in our community’s past, evolving to remain part of our future. “Since 1883” is awesome to behold in these times when local newspapers are becoming something of a rare breed, like the almost extinct local banks, etc.

I would make one request of the contributors to your comments section available on virtually all articles. Please consider using your name when commenting instead of random pseudonyms. Anyone can hide behind made-up names and throw out wise-cracking or outright hateful comments online, but if your words are not worthy of your true signature, then they probably aren’t worthy of an institution like The Star.

James R. (Jim) Moore