Mitt Romney, the 2016 Republican nominee for president? 

Not so fast, pundits -- and Romney himself -- say.

This morning, The Washington Post tried to end the recurring talk this summer about Romney again entering the presidential race. The author does a nice job of explaining why Romney remains popular among many GOP voters -- and why it's not likely that he will alter his stance and enter the fray.

According to The Post, "The more Romney insists he's not interested, the more people become intrigued at the prospect of him running. Remember how Al Gore suddenly became a figure of maximum intrigue in the political world just a few years removed from losing an ultra-winnable presidential race in 2000?  He did it by making clear he didn't want to run.  Works every time.

So, who are the summer 2014 possibilities for the 2016 GOP race? A lot of familiar names, The Post says. We'll see if The Post's suggestions make the cut in two years. 
-- Phillip Tutor