Re “What about the victims of injustice?” (Speak Out, July 25):

The Speak Out writer of this letter has a narrow and misguided definition of justice.

Should illegal immigrants receive food and shelter being denied to many of our own children in America? Where’s the justice for those Americans living in Salvation Army shelters, motel rooms, cars and the streets? How many murderers, Muslim jihadists, violent gang members and other criminals are hiding among these illegal children? If they are allowed to stay, shouldn’t we open our borders to the oppressed children of Haiti, India and other Third World countries? How is requiring a voter ID injustice?

Americans have to show picture IDs to get a driver’s license, to go to the doctor, etc. Alabama provides IDs for free, and the only person not allowed to vote is the person who refuses to get one. On the issue of Medicaid, those who cannot afford it should apply for Obamacare. Those who earn too much to qualify for Obamacare or Medicaid should apply for non-taxpayer-funded insurance. In regard to employer-paid birth control, this is ridiculous and not necessary. Free or reduced birth control has been available to poor women for more than 40 years at the local health department.

Justice? Where’s the justice for the middle class, taxed beyond reason so poor people can have what the middle class cannot afford for themselves?

Judy Lovejoy Elliott