My girlfriend recently had her second surgery in two months. The first didn’t go well because the doctors thought a steady diet of morphine was the best route. This time went better, but as usual I was scared and upset.

She came through OK, though, and later I went out to my car to smoke a cigarette in spite of the hospital rule of no smoking on the premises. Unfortunately, I was upset and had locked my keys in the car.

Anniston police now no longer help stranded motorists whose cars are locked, but the police were at the hospital anyway for someone who had a behavior problem. The officer said he was not allowed to help me.

I pointed out that all I needed was some light, not really someone to open the car but just some way to see what I was doing. He thought it over for a minute and said, “Well, what I have to do is do my paperwork on the incident I was handling, but I guess it might be as easy if I parked next to your car while I did it.”

He then pulled his cruiser to where my car was parked and turned his spotlights on. I jimmed the keys out of the switch and pulled them from the car with a coathanger while he did his paperwork. We finished at about the same time.

Thank God there are a few people with a hero mentality left in this society of people who just want what they can get. My hat’s off to this unnamed officer, a true hero.

Roy Frier