The protests that have occurred this week in Ferguson, Mo., have reignited the nation's discussion about what critics call the "militarization" of America's police forces. It's an interesting discussion.

Calhoun County has examples to provide, most notably the county's Sheriff's Department and the Oxford Police Department, both of which have taken advantage of the Pentagon's 1033 program that allows law enforcement to buy surplus military equipment.

To that end, here is a collection of good reads about Ferguson's police and the 1033 program:

A county-by-county map of the amount of military equipment now in police use.

(Collectively throughout Calhoun County, the New York Times says there are 305 night vision pieces, 180 assault rifles, 99 body armor pieces, 52 pistols, 2 mine-resistant vehicles and 1 other armored vehicle in police use.)

In wake of clashes, calls to demilitarize the police.

Federal program lets police agencies add equipment and vehicles at low cost.

The Pentagon's 1033 program: giving free military equipment to police departments around the U.S.

A nation of Fergusons: Why America's police forces look like invading armies

Congressman wants to stop the feds from giving cities like Ferguson military equipment for free.

-- Phillip Tutor