Today is The Day for Southeastern Conference football fans -- the day the heralded SEC Network televises its first live football games. It starts with Texas A&M-South Carolina at 5.


Well, the SEC Network has been dissected by every sports and television pundit this side of London, but here's another, this today from The New York Times, which writes about host Paul Finebaum:

"Last year, ESPN hired Finebaum, who had a long run as the host of a popular radio show about college football based in Birmingham, Ala. Now, his afternoon ESPN Radio show is simulcast on the network, and he is part of the traveling 'SEC Nation' cast.

"He earned the enmity of South Carolina Athletic Director Ray Tanner last season when he called defensive end Jadeveon Clowney 'the biggest joke in college football' after Clowney sat out the Gamecocks’ game against Kentucky with a rib injury. Tanner called it a 'hateful comment.' Finebaum said he had reacted to Coach Steve Spurrier’s frustration that Clowney decided not to play at the last minute.

“'We made a decision when we hired Paul that we’d be a little different as a college network right out of the gate,' Connolly, the ESPN executive, said. Referring to Finebaum’s time slot, Connolly added, 'You will see things from 3 to 7 Eastern that you won’t typically see on a conference network, and I think that’s an advantage we have.'"

Are you ready football, finally?

-- Phillip Tutor