Re “Two charged with trespassing for preaching at mall” (News article, June 19):

I went to my mailbox to get my Anniston Star and on the front page I saw where a preacher and his brother was arrested for preaching the Word on the sidewalk of the Quintard Mall. (This was private property as stated by the mall representative and the Oxford Police.)

The Oxford Police arrested the two men and carried them to the station. For political correctness, this is what our country has become. I wonder if these men had been Muslims would the situation have been completely different?

I think the Quintard Mall representative and the Oxford Police Department should be ashamed of themselves. I feel they should be reprimanded for their actions and an apology is due. After all, the men did not enter the building to preach, the doors weren’t blocked and no one was forced to stop and listen.

The extreme leftists, along with President Obama, should be booted out of this country. Our society has become corrupt with these type people. We need a good house-cleaning from the top to the bottom. God help our country.

I feel that we are living in the very last days, when we can’t preach and pray in public. Something has gone wrong in America. We have come to a point to where there is no wrong or right in our society.

God help us all to restore our country back where it belongs with truth and honesty and respect to God.

Carl Dean Taylor