It is amazing that there is so much criticism of President Obama with respect to intervening in Iraq by the right-winged hawks.

There would be the same group criticizing if he did get involved in a ground war. It would a different story if the draft was brought back. If the sons of the well-to-do groups were inducted into the military, there would be fewer calls for intervention in foreign wars. There would also be greater concern for the veterans who are in need of better care once they have returned and discharged with the need for medical services.

President Obama is being criticized by the past vice president and others in President Bush’s cabinet. They continue to lash out at the decisions President Obama makes with regards to his foreign policy. The same group would be just as critical if things didn’t go well for our troops who would the victims of a failed intervention.

I hope President Obama will not be influenced by these phony patriots.

Lindsey Ray