The nature of modern American politics is that second-term presidents rarely get the same amount of love as they do in their first go-around -- given, that is, that their first four years go well.

The last 24 hours for President Obama offer proof.

This morning, Quinnipiac University released a poll that shows 33 percent of voters think Obama is the United States' worst president since the end of World War II. If you're counting, that means ranking last along a list that includes presidents Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton and Bush II.

Meanwhile, the daily newspaper in Billings, Mont., The Gazette, has published an editorial that apologizes for its editorial board's endorsement of Obama in the previous election.

The Gazette wrote, "It's not that popularity polling should be the final or even best measure of a president. There is that old saw that points out there's a difference between doing what is right and what is popular.

"For us, though, it's the number of bungled or blown policies in the Obama administration which lead us to believe Obama has earned every bit of an abysmal approval rating ..."

The Gazette's editors listed a number of what they described as disappointments and failures (Obamacare rollout, NSA spying, Bergdahl release, etc.) of the Obama administration, and then wrote: "These are all signs — none of them definitive on their own, necessarily. However, when taken in completely, these demonstrate a disturbing trend of incompetence and failure. It's not just that Americans are in a sour mood about national politics. That's probably part of it. Instead, Obama has become another in a line of presidents long on rhetoric and hopelessly short on action."

-- Phillip Tutor