In 170 BCE, the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt and the Seleucid Kingdom of Syria went to war. As the Seleucid King, Antiochus IV and his army approached Alexandria, The Ptolemys asked for assistance from Rome. An envoy, General Gaius Popillius Laena, a former Consul of Rome, was sent to parley w…

Anniston’s poverty rate is 29.5 percent; 5.57 percent of Annistonians — 1,213 people — live in public housing. Spin that any way you wish and it’s still awful, a clear indication of Anniston’s health a decade removed from the Great Recession and 20 years after the closure of Fort McClellan. 

What if the impeachment of the current president is successful? Democrats would give America a pro-life, pro-religious rights, pro-American business, pro-immigration law, Mike Pence. He represents the same political values of Trump, with less of the sin-filled personality drama.

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