WASHINGTON -- It must be confusing to President Trump that the political system, the media and a majority of voters have suddenly called him on a deception, on a lie. It has seldom, if ever, happened before.

To go by the words of U.S. Mike Rogers, R-Saks, on the Environmental Protection Agency, you would get the impression the EPA exists only to make life difficult for Americans and ultimately to put them out of work.

“He was one of more than a million people living here then, an ordinary Jew who had original ideas and attracted some followers,” said Gideon Avni, head of archaeology at the Israeli Antiquity Authority. “His fame only really started after his death.”

In early 2011, Alabama’s newly elected governor stepped into office in the middle of a budget crisis. Large Republican majorities in the state Senate and House and Gov. Robert Bentley faced tough decisions on funding priorities on the first day of their terms.

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