STEVE FLOWERS: Open seat for the 2nd Congressional District will be decided in March (opinion)


Steve Flowers served 16 years in the state Legislature. Reach him

MONTGOMERY — Over the course of history, the second congressional district has been referred to and considered a Montgomery congressional district because the capital city has comprised the bulk of the population. In recent years, a good many Montgomerians have migrated to the suburban counties of Autauga and Elmore. Therefore, the district has been refigured to reflect this trend. Today there are more Republican votes cast in this congressional district in these two counties than from Montgomery.

Nevertheless the bulk of the population is in what is now referred to as the River Region. This Montgomery region is coupled with southeast Alabama and the Wiregrass, which makes it a conservative congressional district. It is a Republican seat and has been since Bill Dickinson won it in the southern Republican Goldwater landslide of 1964.