MONTGOMERY — The GOP contest for who sits in our number two U.S. Senate seat has been delayed until July 14 due to the coronavirus. The winner of the battle between Jeff Sessions and Tommy Tuberville will more than likely be our junior US. senator for six years.  

Around 2000, a Boston terrier became a member of my daughter’s family quite by accident. One day, while living in Georgia, they arrived at their church and found a Boston hunkered against a glass door, cold and hungry. They brought her home, tried to find her owners to no avail, and then fel…

In early June, my daughter, her family, and I went to Arlington Cemetery in Washington, D.C. to watch the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. She lives near there and has been to the cemetery several times with friends and family who visit. She had tips on where we should stand as we watched: on the right section of the steps as we faced the Tomb Guard Sentinel who paced back and forth, heels clicking with each turn, rifle on his shoulder. She had to whisper to tell us her reasoning: one of the most interesting things to see is when an accompanying sentinel, called the, walks ahead of the oncoming sentinel, pausing as they enter from the right. Usually, the commander turns sharply, faces the sentinel, and conducts a minutes-long inspection of the sentinel’s rifle and uniform.

We anglers know how excited we are when we decide to go fishing. We grab our equipment and head toward a lake. Then we ask, “Where can we get worms?” Not many stores have a worm department.

Earth Day began on April 22, 1970, when U.S. Sen. Gaylord Nelson promoted a focus on being aware of and solving the nation’s environmental problems.

The event grew and is now an international day with 142 nations taking part. The theme of this year’s national celebration is “End Plastic Pollution.”

The product you hold in your hands is really not something new. It’s a merging of two of the state’s best weekly newspapers into a more powerful newspaper.

By combining The Jacksonville News and The Piedmont Journal into The News Journal, we are making a better product for our readers.