Alexandria Middle School will be gem

Alexandria Middle School.

Community pride is often measured by the outstanding quality of a school system. One of those most excited about the eminent opening of Alexandria Middle School is the architect, a parent with five children who attend Alexandria schools. His feelings are paralleled by a thrilled principal.

Principal Shannon Finley said she is grateful for the superintendent of Calhoun County schools, Joe Dyar, and the board members.

“We are all very excited about our new school,” Finley said.

All of architect Bill Whittaker’s children attend Alexandria School System. His personal and professional interests motivated him to design an attractive building that teams with brand new technology and security features. He was honored to be chosen for the job, along with Davis Architects.

“The quality of the new school shows that it is good to rely on local talent, people who have good insight into what the community’s needs are,” Whitter said. “We keep our tax dollars here.

 Whittaker’s office is located near Alexandria on the Old Gadsden Highway.

The staff and student body hope to enter the new school on Awards Day, which is tentatively set for May 15. The building, originally scheduled to open in January, had delays. The school’s contractors, builders, and workers encountered a hurricane, snow, tornadoes, and a spell of cold weather below 40 degrees. The low temperatures meant workers could not lay brick, use mortar, apply glue, brush on paint, or pour concrete or asphalt. In addition, after setting the original opening date, the planners added a $1.5 million addition for students with special needs.

“The entire school is also energy efficient,” Whittaker said. “The building’s outstanding quality will be a good example for other county schools.”

 “We look forward to the positive impact it will have on our community,” Finley said. “A new school means new opportunities and resources for our students. Our kids deserve it. Our community deserves it. We’ve waited a long time for this.”

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