The News Journal

The product you hold in your hands is really not something new. It’s a merging of two of the state’s best weekly newspapers into a more powerful newspaper.

By combining The Jacksonville News and The Piedmont Journal into The News Journal, we are making a better product for our readers.

Not only will we be covering Piedmont and Jacksonville, but we have added Alexandria and White Plains to our coverage area. This also means the high schools in those communities will be in our graduation and football editions.

More news, more sports, more community items but the same quality product we have produced for years.

Will there be an overlap with stories in The Anniston Star? Yes. But I believe the unique stories we have from Margaret Anderson, Sherry Kughn and Rip Donovan will far outweigh the stories our readers might see in The Star. And let’s face it. Some people don’t take The Star and only take the weekly edition.

People in Jacksonville who are expecting a newspaper on Tuesday will now get it Wednesday. The publish date remains Wednesday in Piedmont.

If you subscribe to The Jacksonville News or The Piedmont Journal, your subscription rate will remain until it is time to renew. If you are a double-dipper (subscribe to both Jacksonville and Piedmont) your subscriptions will be combined and you will not be billed until both subscriptions have ended.

As you can imagine, the staff and I are excited. Not only do we have a chance to make the newspaper stronger and better, but we are adding sections of Calhoun County that need a voice. Alexandria and White Plains will be a great addition to our product.

It is our goal to give northern Calhoun County a product it can be proud of reading.

With all that said, let me be blunt.

We cannot do this without the help from the people of each community. If you have a story idea, if you have an engagement, a wedding, a church event, a community event, a family reunion – anything that you think will be newsworthy – please feel free to contact me (John Alred) at 256-235-3531, Margaret Anderson at 256-453-1027 or Sherry Kughn at 256-453-3808.

For us to succeed we need you to subscribe. You won’t regret it. You can do that by calling 256-235-9255 or 256-235-9253.

Right now we have a special and I can’t see how you can pass this up. The subscription rate is $29 a year, but if you call before April 30 you can have two years for the price of one.

We also need you to advertise with us. Rates are as good as the subscription price. Shannon Martin will be glad to talk to you about an ad. Her number is 256-235-1923.

Let me thank you in advance for your support as we begin this venture.