The people listed in this arrest report, whose names and charges are obtained from public records, are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.


The following felony arrests were reported by the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office during the seven-day period ending at 7 a.m. Thursday.

  • Zechariah Troydale Scott, 18, of Oxford: first-degree possession of marijuana.
  • Shedrick Markeith Pearson, 31, of Anniston: second-degree theft of property.
  • Demar Karl Jordan, 25, of Anniston: states motion to revoke bond.
  • James Henry Smith Jr., 33, of Anniston: first-degree escape.
  • Dakota Allen Pinkard, 27, of Anniston: motion to revoke bond.
  • William Christopher Deason, 21, of Oxford: failure to comply with condition of bond.
  • Brandon Demond Roberts, 36, of Anniston: failure to appear in court.
  • Paul James Peloquin Jr., 28, of Rainbow City: failure to appear in court.
  • Julius Bernard Parker, 28, of Eastaboga: first-degree possession of marijuana.
  • Jordan Brooke Garner, 19, of Hokes Bluff: unlawful possession of a controlled substance.
  • Stevie Marie Rayborn, 28, of Anniston: burglary.



Crimes are listed by location. Anonymous tips may be called in to Crime Stoppers at 256-238-1414. A reward of up to $1,000 may be given.


The following property crimes were reported to the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office during the seven-day period ending at 7 a.m. Thursday.


  • Storage facility, Nature Trail, Jacksonville: generator, tools.
  • Residence, Pattiway Drive, Alexandria: ammunition.
  • Residence, Gilberts Ferry Road, Ohatchee: household items.
  • Specialty store, U.S. 78 East, Anniston: firearms.


  • Residence, Gilberts Ferry Road, Ohatchee: firearm.
  • Residence, Old Downing Mill Road, Anniston: lawn mowers, tiller, ladder, planter, boxes of meat.

Auto-related thefts

  • Residence, Ragan Chapel Road, Ohatchee: 1979 Jeep CJ7 Levi Garrett package, car trailer.
  • Residence, Old Anniston Gadsden Highway, Gadsden: 1999 Toyota Camry, 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier.
  • Residence, Cove Road, Piedmont: tools.



  • Antonio Thomas of Thomaston, Ga., to Vanessa Marie Bonner of Thomaston, Ga.
  • William Shane Goodson of Lincoln to Stacey Dennis Ivey of Lincoln
  • Rolando Coscatl Coscatl of Birmingham to Anna Gabriela Zamora of Birmingham
  • Kevin Blake Edmondson of Oxford to Magan Jeanine Staggs of Alexandria
  • Kyle David Harris of Oxford to Jessica Shannon Devoe of Oxford
  • John Kenneth Thomas of Hayden to Lori Dyan Thomas of Lincoln
  • Orbie Alvin Thacker Jr. of Ohatchee to Jennifer Robin Fuller of Ohatchee
  • Nevin Eugene Rhinehart of Piedmont to Wanda Gail Messick of Piedmont
  • Michael James Foote of Anniston to Christina Michelle Myers of Anniston
  • Jerry Wayne Hanson of Anniston to Debra Lynn Broome of Anniston
  • Axel Arum Hopkins of Anniston to Vanessa Lynn Kilpatrick of Jacksonville
  • Andrew Ragland Abdulhaqq of Tuscaloosa to Debra Diane Foster of Anniston
  • Lary Peter Lillio of Weaver to Cathy Louise Myers of Weaver
  • Joshua Henry Bombard of Oxford to Tiffany Doris Connell of Oxford
  • Brian Ray Dial of Anniston to Staci Marissa Haynes of Anniston



  • April Elder Stern and Lee Taylor Stern
  • Amy Turner Hudgins and Joseph Wayne Hudgins
  • Monna Ladonna Ingram and Brandon Eugene Ingram
  • Rita Ann Hamilton and Patrick Dewayne Hamilton
  • Penny Jill Rosenow and Daniel Wendal Rosenow
  • Leticia Neuarez Gutierrez and Jesus Kenneth Drinkard
  • Brien Wolf Muller and Brandy Lashay Muller
  • Cynthia Michelle Warf and William Joseph Warf
  • Scarlett Caruso and Thomas W. Caruso
  • Matthew Ray Zinn and Tabitha Mae Zinn
  • Virginia Michele Barnes and Joseph Glenn Barnes
  • Perry Haynes and Rhonda Haynes


Businesses Incorporated

  • Eminence LLC
  • Fresenius Mgmt. Services Inc.
  • Shahi GS LLC


  • Keel Commercial Rentals LLC
  • Salus LLC
  • Sonic Drive In #3 LLC
  • Sonic Drive In #5 LLC
  • Sonic Drive In #6 LLC
  • SDI #7 LLC
  • Watchmen 33 LLC


Restaurant Inspections

Here are food service establishments recently inspected by the Calhoun County Health Department, along with scores. A score of 100 indicates the inspector found no deficiencies. Potentially hazardous deficiencies (four- or five-point demerit items) are noted. These must be corrected immediately and inspectors say they are often corrected while the inspection is underway. Restaurants earning below 70 must raise their scores within seven days or face closure.


  • Effina’s Tuscan Grill, 501 Pelham Road, N., Jacksonville - 94.
  • Kangaroo Express (Pantry), 1050 Pelham Road, Jacksonville - 98.
  • Momma Goldberg’s Deli, 208 Mountain St., NW, Jacksonville - 99.
  • Ohatchee Elementary School - 100.
  • Ohatchee High School - 97.
  • Pleasant Valley Elementary School - 99.
  • Pleasant Valley High School - 99.
  • Roma’s Pizza & Steak House, 1 Public Square, Jacksonville - 94.
  • Struts, 500 Forney Ave., Jacksonville - 94.
  • Wellborn Elementary School - 100.
  • Wellborn High School - 100.


Cattle Report

Here is the livestock market report for the Tuesday sale.

Receipts for this week 756 compared to 912 last week. Receipts a year ago 945.

FEEDER CLASSES: Bulls and steers (Medium and Large No. 1 and No. 2): 200-300 lbs. Too Few; 300-400 lbs. 320.00 to 370.00; 400-500 lbs. 260.00 to 305.00; 500-600 lbs. 225.00 to 270.00; 600-700 lbs. 190.00-225.00. Heifers (Medium and Large No. 1 and No. 2): 200-300 lbs. 290.00 to 320.00; 300-400 lbs. 280.00 to 305.00; 400-500 lbs. 225.00 to 245.00; 500-600 lbs. 200.00 to 230.00.

SLAUGHTER CLASSES: Cows: Breakers Too Few; Boners 110.00 to 124.00; Lean 105.00 to 110.00. Bulls: Normal Dressing 54-58% 128.00 to 131.00; Low Dressing <54% 124.00 to 126.00.

Closed Dec. 23 and Dec. 30 for holidays.


Wills Probated

  • Robert Walker
  • Glenda P. Scott
  • James A. Slaughter
  • Zula Buckelew Hollis
  • Mary Louise Greenwood


Property Transferred

  • Rita K. Coulson to Mary E. Freeman, a parcel of land in section 15, township 16, range 7, $10.
  • Frederick D. Thornburg to Joe Thornburg, a parcel of land in section 2, township 14, range 9, $10.
  • Housing & Urban Development to Elisha C. Bryant, Spring Hill Heights, 7th addition, block 16, lot 6, $10.
  • Elisha C. Bryant to Elisha C. Bryant and Brandon Bryant, Spring Hill Heights, 7th addition, block 16, lot 6, $10.
  • Rudolph Coleman to Charles D. Scarborough Jr., Mountainview subdivision, phase 4, lot 149, $217,000.
  • Marianne Geeker to Scott Shiflett, Calhoun Estates, block 3, lots 1 and 2, $25,000.
  • Terry D. Wright and Gaynell Wright to Connie Kelley, a parcel of land in section 28, township 14, range 8, $10.
  • Curry H. Smith to Donald L. Smith, a parcel of land in section 8, township 15, range 8, $10.
  • Frank L. Ribich III to Larry Johnson and Stacy A. Johnson, Countrywood Estates, lots 5 and 6, $144,025.
  • Life Center Ministries Inc. to Anniston Soup Bowl Inc., Hight McCoy addition to Anniston, block H, lots 1-3, $10.
  • PennyMac Loan Services LLC to Housing & Urban Development, Jackson Trace subdivision, 1st addition, lot 7, $500.
  • Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Fannie Mae, a parcel of land in section 19, township 13, range 9.
  • City of Oxford to LBA Property LLC, a parcel of land in section 30, township 16, range 8, $10.
  • Carol A. Tyson to Andrew Hodges Tyson, Anniston City Land Co., block 206, lot 1, $10.
  • Joshua D. Talley and Julie M. Talley to Anthony Clint O’Bryen and Kaitlyn Hotaling, Blue Pond subdivision, Holley’s addition, lot 3, $10.
  • Karen M. Molloy to Michael John Eagle and Christine Mary Eagle, Sunset Heights, Cynthia Crescent addition, block 3, lots 20-22, $10.
  • AllState Land Brokers LLC to Owen T1 LLC, a parcel of land in section 1, township 15, range 8, $100.
  • Tommy McCullars and Beverly McCullars to Gregory Allen Thompson, a parcel of land in section 29, township 15, range 5, $10.
  • Wright Homes LLC to Gimme Shelter LLC, Micou addition to Anniston, block 2, lot 13, $10.
  • Matthew L. Sorenson to Gimme Shelter LLC, Clubview Heights, block 560, lot 13, $10.
  • Fannie Mae to Ron A. Douglas and Jon C. Douglas, Grandview subdivision, block 90, $259,900.
  • Amanda L. Freeman and Cooper Freeman to Chacara S. Powell, a parcel of land in section 33, township 16, range 8, $10.
  • George M. Grissom to Lisa Green and John Green, Pinewood subdivision, Strickland’s 6th addition, lot 42, $10.
  • Housing & Urban Development to Joshua Matthew Jewell, Whispering Oaks subdivision, 1st addition, lot 8, $10.
  • Benton Group LLC to Mike Powell, Stone Ridge North, lot 1, $11,900.
  • Barbara Ann Saxon, William Thomas Saxon Jr. and Sharon Saxon Noell to Barbara Ann Saxon, a parcel of land in section 8, township 16, range 9, $10.
  • Carla Haro and Julio Haro to Carla Haro, a parcel of land in section 34, township 16, range 7, $10.
  • Charles Glenn Hulse to Jerry Olen Tucker and Andrea G. Tucker, a parcel of land in section 2, township 13, range 8, $10.
  • Gerald Todd Harris to LA & LO Properties LLC, a parcel of land in section 33, township 16, range 7, $100.
  • Bradley Browning to David F. McCluskey and Dianne M. McCluskey, a parcel of land in section 2, township 17, range 8, $10.
  • Donald W. Johnson to Lisa G. Everett, a parcel of land in section 28, township 13, range 8, $10.
  • Donald W. Johnson to Thomas A. Johnson, a parcel of land in section 28, township 13, range 8, $10.
  • Donald W. Johnson to Teresa Ann Frisby, a parcel of land in section 28, township 13, range 8, $10.
  • Donald W. Johnson to Tony W. Johnson, a parcel of land in section 28, township 13, range 8, $10.
  • Donald W. Johnson to Timothy L. Johnson, a parcel of land in section 28, township 13, range 8, $10.
  • Martha Faye Ponder, Cynthia Jane Newsom, Leslie Carol Phillips, Terri Allison Ostrander, Sean Douglas Ponder, Tyler Brown Ponder and Ellen Camille Chitwood to Martha Faye Ponder and Ellen Camille Ponder Chitwood, a parcel of land in section 15, township 13, range 8, $10.
  • Billie Sue Butterworth and Kenneth Eugene Butterworth to James A. Crofford to Mary Grace S. Crofford, $10.
  • Benton Group LLC to Chuck Ward Jr., Stone Ridge North, lot 50, $17,000.
  • Benton Group LLC to Bonita B. Jenkins, Stone Ridge North, lot 2, $15,300.
  • Benton Group LLC to Lynne O. Gillam, Stone Ridge North, lot 4, $17,000.
  • Jeffrey Coleman Davis to Mark D. Kincer and Peggy A. Kincer, a parcel of land in section 2, township 15, range 8, $100.
  • Benton Group LLC to Anthony W. Couch, Stone Ridge North, lot 4, $17,000.
  • M. Doreen Pepper to James D. Cullins and Ruth P. Cullins, a parcel of land in section 30, township 14, range 9, $10.
  • M. Doreen Pepper to Randall L. Brown and Gabrielle Solair, a parcel of land in section 30, township 14, range 9, $10.
  • Mike Watts and Annette Watts to William S. Brasher and Christine M. Brasher, Northern Woods subdivision, 2nd addition, lots 24 and 25, $10.
  • Lonnie Scott Howard to Laura Lynn Howard, a parcel of land in section 34, township 15, range 9.
  • E. Dan Truitt Jr. and William Gary Truitt to Geneva Truitt, Haynes & Herren subdivision at Alexandria, block A, lots 44-47, $10.
  • Emma Mudd to Douglas Williams, Joyview Heights subdivision, block C, lot 8, $10.
  • Oliver C. Graves to Larry M. Graves, Wayne E. Graves and Pam Graves, a parcel of land in section 20, township 13, range 8, $10.
  • Carr Family LP to Teresa L. Newman and Richard F. Baty, Five-W Lakesite subdivision, block 10, lot 25, $120,478.
  • Shirley M. Graves and Tammy Jean Young to Shirley M. Graves, a parcel of land in section 2, township 14, range 7, $10.
  • Brandon S. Whitman and Cassidy B. Whitman to Dustin L. Bush and Anna G. Bush, Sugar Valley Estates, phase II, block D, lot 32, $10.
  • Bessie Ruth Freeman Johnston to Billy Ray Irvin and Sonja Irvin, J.D. Hunter’s map of Mechanicsville, block 27, lots 8-10, $10.
  • Bates Investments LLC to Courtney R. Beavers, Western Hills subdivision, lot 28, $10.
  • George N. Meredith Post No. 924 Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Inc. to Hermano LLC, a parcel of land in section 29, township 15, range 8, $10.
  • Richard Dwayne Shoemaker to Elisa Shoemaker, a parcel of land addressed 506 Front Street West, Piedmont, $10.
  • Rhonda Haynes to Perry Haynes, a parcel of land in section 18, township 15, range 6, $10.
  • Henning Suesser to Virgil Samuels Jr., Anniston Land Co., block 430, lot 16, $10.
  • Soterra LLC to Jamestown Forestlands LLC, a parcel of land in sections 24/25/26, township 15, range 5, $10.
  • Alma E. Fleming-Estate to Jerrel Wayne Fleming, Corning Land & Loan Co., block 51, lots 1-6, $106,960.
  • JPMorgan Chase Bank to Housing & Urban Development, a parcel of land in section 10, township 16, range 7.
  • Frederick Caver and Joyphne Caver to Jeraldine W. Caver, Boozer-Shelton Subdivision No. 2, block I, lot 25, $10.
  • Don J. James to Diane K. Chong, Cotton Creek subdivision, phase 2, lot 1, $214,900.
  • Dianne R. Roberts to Larry Dean Amerson and Annalisa D. Amerson, a parcel of land in section 2, township 14, range 7, $253,000.
  • Lillian Jo Philips and Rebecca A. Cwikowski to Robert Neal Brittain and Janet J. Brittain, a parcel of land in section 34, township 14, range 7, $60,000.
  • Lynda Newman to Jennifer McCormick, Greystone Manor, phase 2, lots 83 and 84, $1.



  • Shawn P. Armstrong and Deana Britt Armstrong, H.E. Emerson’s subdivision, block B, lot 1.
  • Richard C. Snouffer Jr. and Lori J. Snouffer, Diana Hills subdivision, 5th addition, lot 3.
  • George Lamar Hahn, Berkshire Woods, 5th sector, lot 40.
  • Bobbie Jean Easterwood, a parcel of land in section 33, township 16, range 7.
  • Ericka D. Caudill, Ledford, block C, lot 1.
  • Christine Walton, Gaither Estates,1st addition, lot 32.
  • Commerce Center LLC, Anniston City Land Co., block 134, lots 5 and 6.
  • Luis A. Fourquet III and Jillian Fourquet, Greenleaf Heritage subdivision, 2nd addition, block C, lot 6.



The following bankruptcies declared by Calhoun County residents were recorded by U.S. Bankruptcy Court Northern District of Alabama last week.

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows the debtor to retain certain exempt property, but the debtor’s remaining property is gathered and sold by a trustee from which creditors will receive payment.It may also be used by businesses which wish to terminate their business.

  • Lesa Ann Crossley, Timothy Drive, Oxford
  • Emil J. Donda, Bynum
  • Charles Ingram, Anniston
  • Brett Burnham, Leslie Lane, Anniston
  • Melanie D. Royer, State Farm Road, Alexandria

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 bankruptcy enables debtors, through court supervision and protection, to propose and carry out a repayment plan under which creditors are paid, in full or in part, in installments over a three-year period. During that time, debtors are prohibited from starting or continuing collection efforts.

  • Lisa Diana Moore, Faith Avenue, Jacksonville
  • Troy N. Seeger and Cynthia L. Seeger, Andrew Drive, Weaver
  • Tederral L. Forbes and Jennifer Forbes, Agan Court, Weaver
  • Dotti Adams, Laydens Mill Road, Jacksonville



Ethel M. Almon, Anniston

Annie Laura Boyd, Anniston

Joan Booker Burns, Centre

Edison Winston Carmack, Ripley, Tenn.

Anna Ruth Carmichael, Lincoln

David Carroll Sr., Oxford

Thomas E. Chumley, Pensacola, Fla.

Lennice Cross, Talladega

Eula Dates, Alpine

Opal Allred Dunston, Oxford

Niki Edmondson, Goodwater

Randall D. Gaddy, Anniston

Rodger L. Gardner, Anniston

Henry “Snooky” Grubbs, Heflin

Charles Hartline, Gaylesville

Evelyn Rovene Hawkins, Anniston

John Fletcher Higginbotham, Oxford

Johnny Hill, Anniston

Jordan Elise Hinds, Anniston

Lawrence “Pop” Holloway, Wedowee

Rita Cobb Hudgins, Centre

Sarah B. Jackson, Piedmont

Juanita L. Jennings, Anniston

Mildred Truitt Kelley, Richmond, Va.

Dovie Kirby, Anniston

Sybil Daniel Kitchens, Roanoke

James “Jimbo” Mackey, Sand Rock

Nellie Sue McCord, Ranburne

Nola Mae Hughes McCurdy, Piedmont

Rita Moon, Roanoke

Dorothy Ann Moore, Ohatchee

John Thomas Morgan, Oxford

Jacqueline Owen, Lincoln

James Edwin Pentecost, Glencoe

Reba Ann Hillis Poland, Eastaboga

Lillian McDow Erler Prather, Anniston

Stevie DeLeon Pritchett, Oxford

Richard J. Reider Jr., Heflin

Ricky Lynn Romine, Jacksonville

Betty Jo Rice, Lineville

Don L. Shellhorse, Heflin

Leigh Simmons, Anniston

Rebecca D. Lang Simpson, Anniston

Robert Lee Stambaugh, Piedmont

Sara Jane Traynor, Jacksonville

Cynthia Breeden Turner, Jacksonville

Henry Grady Vaughn, Jacksonville

Joyce Ann Vaughn, Piedmont

Mary Elizabeth Waugh, Anniston

Velma Wilson, Winterboro