The people listed in this arrest report, whose names and charges are obtained from public records, are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.


The following felony arrests were reported by the Anniston Police Department (address locations not provided) during the seven-day period ending at 7 a.m. Thursday.

  • Nicole Vernice Harris, 36: second-degree theft.
  • Jalvin Raynard Rogers, 22: first-degree possession of marijuana.
  • Katrina McCrory Brooks,49: aggravated cruelty to animals.
  • April Smallwood Floyd, 50: third-degree burglary.
  • Richard Eugene Blankenship, 49: fugitive from justice.
  • Cynthia Beth Blankenship, 43: fugitive from justice.


The following felony arrests were reported by the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office during the seven-day period ending at 7 a.m. Thursday.

  • Matthew Franz Love, 34, of Anniston: alias warrant.
  • Glen Edward Keener, 32, of Anniston: warrant of arrest, failure to pay.


Crimes are listed by location. Anonymous tips may be called in to Crime Stoppers at 256-238-1414. A reward of up to $1,000 may be given.


The following property crimes were reported to the Anniston Police Department during the seven-day period ending at 7 a.m. Thursday.


  • Residence, 1200 block of West 50th Street: propane heater, heat pump.


  • Residence, 5400 block of Centerbrook Drive: cash.
  • Department store, 1100 block of South Noble Street: U-Haul auto transporter.


The following property crimes were reported to the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office during the seven-day period ending at 7 a.m. Thursday.


  • Residence, Choccolocco Road, Anniston: televisions, jewelry, jewelry box.

Auto-related thefts

  • Residence, unspecified location, Ohatchee: 1996 Chevrolet Camaro.
  • Street, Gilberts Ferry Road, Ohatchee: 1990 Buick Electra.


  • James Thomas Defreitas of Marion, Ky., to Brenda Lee Moore of Anniston
  • Rodolphe Wladislas Lescarpentier of Anniston to Julie Diane Williams of Anniston
  • Rickey Dan Melson Jr. of Anniston to Heather Elizabeth Alldredge of Anniston
  • Nicholas Alexander Walton of British Columbia, Canada, to Leslie Peyton Walton of Piedmont
  • Jessy Ryan Willingham of Jacksonville to Haileigh Elizabeth Harbin of Anniston
  • Langdon Emery Goray of Weaver to Charlene Danielle Hayslette of Weaver
  • Eric Ashley Heathcock of Anniston to Laurie Ann Charnigo of Anniston
  • Grady Lee Cade of Anniston to Mary Smith Cade of Anniston
  • Christopher Blake Jennings of Ohatchee to Morgan Elizabeth Cox of Wellington
  • Jeramie Alan Hurst of Jacksonville to Teresa Fann Davis of Jacksonville
  • Richard William Miller of Fayetteville, Ga., to Delois Elaine Jones of Anniston
  • Boyd Gladyn Howard Jr. of Pell City to Ashley Brooks Haynes of Piedmont
  • Jeffrey Wayne Golden of Wellington to Tammy Teria Conner of Oxford
  • Gerald Lewis Hovater II of Tuscumbia to Jennifer Darline Waldrop of Jacksonville
  • James Thomas Anderson of Anniston to Julie Claire Puckett of Oxford
  • Derrick Darryl Hunter Jr. of Anniston to Loyanna Lonneika Hunter of Anniston
  • Johnny Len McGee of Anniston to Veronica Ann Burklow of Anniston
  • Nazareth Harris IV of Jacksonville to Ronin Dale McCain of Alexandria
  • Chase Allen Goss of Anniston to Shaba Lynn Reynolds of Anniston
  • Deveron Zermis O’Hara of Jacksonville to Tierra Quineece Sims of Jacksonville


  • Crysti Leigh Heaton and David Nathaniel Heaton
  • Terry O’Neal Mintz and Shandra Grizzard Mintz
  • Matthew Eric Cline and Megan Howard Cline
  • Tony A. King and Dorothea King
  • William Patrick Webber and Heather Kaye Webber
  • Jessica Renae Blackwell and Michael Lynn Blackwell
  • Eric Joshua Chapman and Alisha Denise Chapman

Restaurant Inspections

Here are food service establishments recently inspected by the Calhoun County Health Department, along with scores. A score of 100 indicates the inspector found no deficiencies. Potentially hazardous deficiencies (four- or five-point demerit items) are noted. These must be corrected immediately and inspectors say they are often corrected while the inspection is underway. Restaurants earning below 70 must raise their scores within seven days or face closure.


  • Anniston Country Club (Restaurant), 601 Highland Ave., Anniston - 93, problem with sanitization rinse.
  • Western Sizzlin, 200 Hamric Drive, Oxford - 94. problem with sanitization rinse; potentially hazardous food did not meet temperature requirements during cold holding.


  • Alexandria Elementary School - 100.
  • Alexandria High School - 100.
  • Chow’s Bistro, 611 Pelham Road, S., Jacksonville - 95.
  • Coldwater Elementary School - 99.
  • Crimson Tiger, 1001 Noble St., Anniston - 94.
  • Damn Yankees Steak/Fish & Oyster Bar, 919 Noble St., Anniston - 99.
  • Food Outlet, 618 Pelham Road, S., Jacksonville - 94.
  • Montgomery Food Court, 700 Pelham Road, N., Jacksonville - 97.
  • Peerless Grill & Saloon (Grille), 13 W. 10th St., Anniston - 98.
  • Quick Mart, 1237 Hamric Drive, W., Oxford - 97.
  • Rally’s, 400 S. Quintard Ave., Anniston - 90
  • Starbucks Coffee Co., 1011 Alabama 21, S., Oxford - 99.
  • Subway, 6664 U.S. 431, Alexandria - 99.
  • White Plains Elementary School - 100.
  • White Plains High School - 99.
  • White Plains Middle School - 100.
  • Wright Dairy, 241 Cane Creek Farm Road, Alexandria - 99.

Businesses Incorporated

  • B & L Motor LLC
  • M Saleh LLC
  • Bennett Investigations LLC


  • L & M LLC
  • Pump & Control Services Inc.
  • Cattle Report

Cattle Report

Here is the livestock market report for the Tuesday sale.

Receipts for this week 912 compared to 1008 last week. Receipts a year ago 547.

FEEDER CLASSES: Bulls and steers (Medium and Large No. 1 and No. 2): 200-300 lbs. 370.00 to 410.00; 300-400 lbs. 330.00 to 390.00; 400-500 lbs. 275.00 to 330.00; 500-600 lbs. 240.00 to 305.00; 600-700 lbs. 200.00-245.00. Heifers (Medium and Large No. 1 and No. 2): 200-300 lbs. 300.00 to 430.00; 300-400 lbs. 290.00 to 325.00; 400-500 lbs. 250.00 to 285.00; 500-600 lbs. 220.00 to 245.00; 600-700 lbs. 200.00 to 220.00.

SLAUGHTER CLASSES: Cows: Breakers 108.00 to 117.00; Boners 110.00 to 122.00; Lean 105.00 to 111.00. Bulls: Normal Dressing 54-58% 132.00 to 136.00; High Dressing >58% 146.00; Low Dressing <54% 120.00 to 122.00.


Wills Probated

  • Joseph Benefield Hitt Jr.
  • Robert Walker
  • James B. Starr
  • Ruth S. Curvin
  • Miriam W. Haywood
  • Ruth Thornton
  • Ethel P. Porter

Property Transferred

  • Stephen D. Tillery and Phyllis Jean Tillery to Joshua Allen Ervin, Albert T. Harris subdivision, block D, lot 9, $10.
  • Collins Family Trust to Timothy C. Arrington, Twelve Gates subdivision, block 15, lot 5, $95,700.
  • Sears Properties LLC to Hedy Davis, Delwood Estates, 1st addition, block E, lot 2, $10.
  • Veterans Affairs to Kimberly L. Harris, Stonehaven, block C, lot 5, $91,000.
  • Jens Moeller and Angela Moeller to Randy J. Moeller and Michelle Moeller, Pinewood subdivision, Strickland’s 2nd addition, lots 29 and 30, $10.
  • Goldstean Mallard and Hester Mallard to Christy Dee Ingram, Anniston City Land Co., block 259, lot 5, $10.
  • Delorise Buckley Smith to Webster Ross and Laura Ross, West Anniston Land & Improvement Co., block 42, lot 4, $1.
  • Ohio Investments LLC to Property Place LLC, C. Mange’s Hillandale subdivision, 1st addition, block E, lot 9, $10.
  • Gerald W. Wilkerson to License To Chill LLC, City of Anniston block 261, lot 3, $15,500.
  • Ramon Cordova to Ramon Cordova and Andrew John Cordova, a parcel of land in section 25, township 16, range 6, $10.
  • Donald D. King and Mandi S. King to Michael C. McCartney and Shay McCartney, Anniston City Land Co., block 40, lot 2, $100.
  • Violet B. Austin to Gary M. Brooks, a parcel of land in section 18, township 16, range 9.
  • Benton Group LLC to Gina Kiker, Stone Ridge North, lot 9, $17,000.
  • Southern States Bank to Luke Jackson III and Tekeshia Shenelle Jackson, Brownwood Estates, 4th addition, block O, lots 9 and 10, $10.
  • James W. Faucett to Clifford N. Chenault, a parcel of land in section 5, township 13, range 10, $10.
  • Scarlet Caruso and Thomas Caruso to Scarlet Caruso, a parcel of land addressed 901 North Marshall Street, Anniston, $100.
  • John P. Garner and Shelia C. Garner to Paul D. Del Giudice and Ana Del Giudice, a parcel of land in section 5, township 15, range 8, $47,323.
  • Lula M. Ponder to Lori Holt Medders, Thomason subdivision, block 8, lots 4-8, $50,000.
  • Quicken Loans Inc. to Fannie Mae, Forestbrook subdivision, block B, lot 12, $135,246.
  • Joanette Macon Cunningham to Pamela R. Cunningham, Glenndale subdivision, block D, lot 4.
  • John Dana Woody to Sam’s Properties LLC, Golden Springs subdivision, 5th addition, lot 14, $10.
  • Sarah V. Hendon to Michael Crowe, a parcel of land in section 5, township 16, range 9, $10.
  • Housing & Urban Development to Timothy Reese Bonds and Debbie A. Bonds, Sun Valley subdivision, 1st addition, lot 15, $10.
  • Shirley Ann Zakrzewski-Estate to Keith Zakrzewski, Meadow View Estates, lots 15 and 16, $10.
  • William M. Golden and Nancy Sharon Golden to William M. Golden, Nancy Sharon Golden and Daniel Craig Golden, W.P. Acker subdivision, block 48, lot 15, $10.
  • William M. Golden and Nancy Sharon Golden to William M. Golden, Nancy Sharon Golden and Daniel Craig Golden, a parcel of land in section 26, township 15, range 7, $10.
  • William M. Golden and Nancy Sharon Golden to William M. Golden, Nancy Sharon Golden and Daniel Craig Golden, J.D. Hunter subdivision, block 48, lots 13 and 14, $10.
  • William M. Golden and Nancy Sharon Golden to William M. Golden, Nancy Sharon Golden and Daniel Craig Golden, a parcel of land in section 5, township 16, range 8, $10.
  • JPMorgan Chase Bank to Gary Wigington, Lone Oak subdivision, lot 51, $47,500.
  • Sue Elam and Larry Elam to Tanchra Akles, a parcel of land in section 4, township 16, range 8, $20,000.
  • William J. Whatley to William J. Whatley and William Jack Whatley Jr., a parcel of land in section 11, township 16, range 7, $10.
  • Gregory S. Townsend to Carla W. Townsend, West Glen subdivision, 1st addition, block B, lot 5, $10.
  • Carla W. Townsend to Blake Hunter and Brettny Nicole Hunter, West Glen subdivision, 1st addition, block B, lot 5, $10.
  • James A. Burke Sr. and Sally D. Burke to John P. Terrano, Stone Ridge subdivision, block 2, lot 1, $10.
  • Dorothy H. Snider to James A. Burke Sr. and Sally D. Burke, Rosny subdivision, block 2, lot 5, $10.
  • Lisa J. Blaylock and James Michael Blaylock to Danny Ray Cairo and Donna Rhee Cairo, a parcel of land in section 30, township 16, range 7, $50,000.
  • Fannie Mae to James Michael Blaylock and Lisa Blaylock, Jo-Dell subdivision, lot 8, $70,000.
  • Russell Bittle to Regina Bittle, Tyler Hill, block 6, lot 1, $10.
  • Kimberly C. Gomez to Luis O. Gomez and Yesicka Benavides Gomez, Shady Hills subdivision, block 3, lot 11, $10.
  • Martha Walley to Mark Randon Walley, a parcel of land in section 16, township 15, range 8, $10.
  • Mark Randon Walley to Marquita Ceylon Kite, a parcel of land in section 16, township 15, range 8, $10.
  • Isaac Stooksberry and Rana M. Stooksberry to James Douglas Jones and Elizabeth Ann Jones, a parcel of land in section 18, township 13, range 9, $10.
  • Joshua Carter and Helen Carter to Emerald Homes of Alabama LLC, Pressley Place subdivision, lots 1-3, $10.
  • Wells Fargo Bank to Housing & Urban Development, Quail Run subdivision, 1st addition, block F, lot 4, $10.
  • Brannon Hurst to Susan Hurst, a parcel of land in sections 9/10, township 15, range 9, $100.
  • Buddy W. Hartswick to Piyapong Ukangsin, Lenlock subdivision, 2nd section, block 1, lot 10, $10.
  • Tony C. Harper and Debbie Harper to Reagan Harper, a parcel of land in section 2, township 15, range 9, $10.
  • Reb Oil of Alabama LLC to Oxford Shell LLC, a parcel of land in section 29, township 16, range 8, $325,000.
  • Jeffery Todd Heath and Sherri W. Heath to Stephen David Maddox, a parcel of land addressed 0 North Center Avenue, Piedmont, $10.
  • Brian D. Greene and Cherice L. Greene to Carla Cashio and Mohamed W. Salame,  Overbrooke Forest subdivision, 2nd addition, lot 41, $325,000.
  • Robert Boos and Catherine Boos to Robert Boos and Catherine Boos, a parcel of land in section 10, township 16,range 8, $10.
  • Michael Lee Bowman and Sharon C. Bowman to Hayley E. Minyard, Jacksonville Mining & Manufacturing Co., block 326, lots 3 and 4, $10.


  • Jimmy L. Kitchens and Linda D. Kitchens, Lakeshore Estates, lot 5.
  • Julius Ceasar Campbell and Julia Mae Campbell, a parcel of land in section 26, township 14, range 7.
  • Natasha Terrell, Shadow Ridge subdivision, lot 22.
  • Shirley A. Finley, a parcel of land in section 33, township 14, range 8.
  • Christy Westbrook Hyde and Stacey Lee Hyde, Hickory Place, lot 4.
  • Michael S. Harris, Beverly Hills subdivision, block 3, lot 1.
  • William D. McInnish, a parcel of land in section 36, township 15, range 5.
  • David E. Shaw, Lenlock Lane, block B, lot 10.
  • Tonya N. Stinson and Phillip Stinson, Highland Manor subdivision, 2nd addition, block F, lot 2.


The following bankruptcies declared by Calhoun County residents were recorded by U.S. Bankruptcy Court Northern District of Alabama last week.

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows the debtor to retain certain exempt property, but the debtor’s remaining property is gathered and sold by a trustee from which creditors will receive payment.It may also be used by businesses which wish to terminate their business.

  • Joey Isahias Pena, Hinton Drive, Oxford
  • Richard E. White, Post Oak Road, Alexandria
  • Shari O. Waller, Shamrock Avenue, Weaver
  • Jessica Marchione, Airport Road, Oxford
  • Martha L. Fulmer, Steward Street, Weaver
  • Nakia S. Nixon, Anniston

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 bankruptcy enables debtors, through court supervision and protection, to propose and carry out a repayment plan under which creditors are paid, in full or in part, in installments over a three-year period. During that time, debtors are prohibited from starting or continuing collection efforts.

  • Derrick M. Montgomery, Seminole Drive, Anniston
  • Linda B. Akles, Glenaddie Avenue, Anniston


Willie Lee Ackles, Ashland

Nancy L. Arnold, Pleasant Grove

Cecil Brown, Texas

Roy Lee Butcher, Heflin

Nellie Butler, Anniston

Terry Lee Butterworth, Oxford

Nellie E. Cain, Anniston

Marlin Wayne Carroll,Gadsden

Charlotte Faye Casey, Anniston

Daniel E. Conner, Delta

Ruby Burgess Cosper, Roanoke

Gerald Crews, Alpine

Marion de la Nuez, Florida

Carrie Maebell Holcombe Denson, Lineville

Rosie Jean Dodd, Piedmont

James Leonard Dulaney, Georgia

Mattie Katherine “Kay” Martin Ellis, Tuscaloosa

Christopher Edward Farrell, Jacksonville

Thomas F. Fournoy, Wedowee

Sebastian D. Floyd, Anniston

Hazel Price Gentle, Piedmont

Robert “Bobby” Green, Oxford

Eunice Grier, Woodland

William Brice Hay, Jacksonville

Zula Buckelew Hollis, Jacksonville

Jessie Louise Nichols Hyatt, Anniston

Drucilla Dyphain Davis Johnson, Talladega

Geraldine Lehr, Ohatchee

Tina Maria Dowdy Tieck Logan, Alexandria

Amere J’Lise Mathon, Pell City

George Thomas May, Montgomery

Maggie McKenzie, Talladega

M.M. Buster Miles, Heflin

Billie Sue Mobbs, Gaylesville

Virginia H. “Jean” Nolin, Jacksonville

Wanda S. Nowland, Lineville

Richard H. O’Dell, Villa Rica, Ga.

Sharon Christie Osborne, Alexandria

William Everett “Pat” Patrick, Georgia

James Edwin Pentecost, Glencoe

Lillian McDow Erler Prather, Anniston

Hazel Barron Rahrer, Lineville

James P. Roberts, Anniston

Lee Roy Smoot, Talladega

Judy K. Spiering, Anniston

Mary Strickland, Jacksonville

Jeanne H. Thomas, Jacksonville

L J. Tucker, Ranburne

Tressie Pate Wilson, Anniston

Bernice Ralston Wright, Heflin