Tide pride in Rockford

This script "A" in a homeowner's yard in Rockford is composed of pebbles.

Thursday, July 31, 6:49 p.m. — ROCKFORD — Legend has it that the biggest thing in the modern history of this small Alabama 21 town is Fred the Dog.

Fred is indeed legendary in Rockford. Sometime in the 1990s, Fred wandered into town and became Rockford's unofficial mascot. He died in 2002 and is buried behind the town's old jail.

But Fred isn't the biggest thing here.

That designation goes to a Rockford man who has had a giant "A" — as in Alabama football — installed in his front yard. It's white and made of pebbles. Media outlets in Alabama have identified him as Sid Turner, 88.

Besides Turner's yard art on Alabama 21, Rockford is a quintessential small Alabama town of about 400 people. The Coosa County Courthouse is in the center of town on 21, which locals call Main Street. The town's first name was Lexington, but that didn't stick long. It was changed to Rockford in 1835, well before the Civil War.

— Phillip Tutor