Not forgotten

A memorial park in Uriah along Alabama 21 has stones like this one bearing the names of locals who died in America's wars.

Tuesday, July 29, 12:01 p.m. — URIAH — Turns out that Centennial Memorial Park in Anniston isn't the only war memorial sitting squarely on Alabama 21.

Another one is here in this little place — it's not incorporated — called Uriah Memorial Park. It is a few blocks north of J.U. Blacksher High School and, frankly, it may be the most beautiful spot in these parts.

The park is shaped like the Pentagon and it flies the flags of all branches of military service. Benches greet visitors.

Inside the park are memorials to the different U.S. wars in which Uriah men served and died. The World War II one is quite large. (Eight Uriah men died in that war.) The Gulf War memorial isn't.

On a nearby telephone pole is a donation box. The park was built for $70,000 with donations, according to online news accounts.

— Phillip Tutor

P.S. - We're not sure what, if anything, this might have to do with Uriah.