PIEDMONT — The new animal control officer has started her watch over the city and this week she picked up her first dog, according to information presented at the City Council meeting Tuesday night.

By the terms of a contract the city previously agreed to, the cost of that service will be $1,500 a month. Earlier this month the City Council elected to pay that amount to take as many animals as they want to the Calhoun County Animal Control Center.

Councilman Doug Dickeson suggested the city look into registration fees for owning a pet in Piedmont — which would make it easier for the animal control officer to know strays from pets and generate money for the city.

“I just don’t think we can continue to take on costs,” he said.

Dickeson used Jacksonville’s registration policy as a potential model for Piedmont. Jacksonville offers free registration to those who can prove their animal has all the appropriate shots and is spayed or neutered, according to Dickeson. He said he thinks this will help solve the problem.

“That way there’s incentive to get it done,” he said.

There is also a fee for pet owners to come pick up their animals if they’ve been taken in by an animal control officer.

Mayor Bill Baker asked if the council would look into Jacksonville’s pet policy and come up with one that would work for Piedmont in the coming council meetings.

In other business the City Council:

  • Approved a motion to confirm Shannon Ray to a seat on the Piedmont board of education.  

  • Approved a motion to pay the bills.