Some council members argued reducing the city’s expected spending deficit for the year should take priority. Fixing the city’s only street sweeper and being part of a program that reduced air ambulance service costs for residents isn’t an absolute necessity at this time, they said.

The council replaced the term “Jake Brake” with “dynamic braking device” in a city ordinance that, to reduce noise pollution, forbids such vehicle braking systems from being used in city limits. A Jake Brake is a brand name for a specific type of braking system and so could open the city up to possible lawsuits, city officials said.

Piedmont Health Center is locked into expensive bond debt with the city for a previous building project, according to an official with the company that manages the nursing home. The Health Center needs a legal deal with the city to borrow about $3.6 million for a lower payback rate in the commercial market to pay off the old debt and for the new expansion project.

Jacksonville assistant fire Chief Randy Childs said his department was called to assist with the blaze, which started around 11 a.m. at the fast food chain on U.S. 278 in Piedmont. Childs said there were no reports of injuries.

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