An accidental shooting last week in Oxford involving two teens left one girl injured and hospitalized, police said Monday.

Oxford police Capt. L.G. Owens said a car carrying four teenagers pulled into a friend’s house in the 800 block of Nelson Road shortly before 3 p.m. June 12.

Owens said a handgun belonging to an 18-year-old man sitting in the back seat of the car went off and struck the shoulder of a 17-year-old girl sitting in the front seat.

According to Owens, the man had not intended to fire the gun. Owens said the man was given the gun by his parents and had a valid pistol permit.

Owens said the girl’s parents told police the two had been friends since they were in elementary school and declined to press charges against the man.

Owens said Monday he believed the girl was at UAB hospital being treated for her injuries. Owens said police hope she recovered quickly.

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