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Oxford Fire Department rescues man trapped on burning lift

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Around mid-afternoon Saturday, Cabero Ramirez, 23, was working 25 feet above the ground in a lift bucket at Hooligan’s Harley Davidson store in Oxford. The bucket touched power lines, which sent a current through to the wheels and machinery of the lift, while bypassing Ramirez. Smoke and flames began to rise from the machine as the Oxford Fire Department arrived.

“The problem is that the man could not step over to our fire truck ladder or the current would go through him and onto our truck,” Oxford Fire chief Gary Sparks said. “We applied a dry chemical on the fire, but the machine remained energized.”

At that point, firefighters and bystanders at the Harley Davidson store obtained a tent and used it as a safety net. As they stretched the tent among themselves, they coaxed Ramirez to jump, which he eventually did.

Ramirez was transported to UAB Hospital in Birmingham and treated for smoke inhalation and an injured leg. As of Monday afternoon, there was no update on his condition.