Heavy rain produced flooding in some parts of Calhoun County Tuesday, but the area avoided the more violent weather threats forecast for the day.

Local residents affected by the tornado that struck Ohatchee and Wellington on March 25 could qualify for federal aid, the Federal Emergency Management Agency announced Tuesday.

A bill requiring hospitals and nursing homes to allow at least one caregiver or family member to visit loved ones in times of emergency passed the Senate Tuesday and now goes to Gov. Kay Ivey's desk.

The Alabama Senate on Tuesday approved legislation changing the state’s civil asset forfeiture laws, putting new rules on what law enforcement can take from those charged with low-level drug offenses.

Legislation to create a new state agency to oversee the expansion and availability of high-speed broadband internet services throughout the state is close to final passage in the State House.

House Bill 93 as amended would let newer teachers in the state rollover each year their sick leave and get paid for unused days when they retire. Current Tier II teachers lose unused days each year.

Near a storm shelter, slivers of glass and pottery, plasticware lids and photos of toddlers and high school graduation lie in the grass like flakes of dandruff. A pair of small, blackhaired pigs roam the neighborhood — likely someone’s pets.

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