Timeline of Jewish history in the US

One of the most compelling reasons for early settlers to immigrate to the Americas was to exercise their right to religious freedom. As a result, members of several minority religions, including Judaism, were some of the first to brave the journey across the Atlantic Ocean.

The Jewish Virtual Library has records of the Jewish population in the United States dating back to 1654—when there were just 25 Jews. Today, the Jewish population has grown to more than 7 million individuals, comprising a range of Jewish subgroups, from Orthodox to Reform. Though there can be drastic differences between how individuals practice and express their Jewish culture and beliefs, Jews in America remain largely liberal and the community's population has steadily grown more diverse in race and ethnicity.

In lockstep with American history, the journey of Jews in the U.S. is riddled with struggle, yet consistently illustrates the resilience and success of the Jewish community. Based on historical accounts, news, and government records, Stacker compiled a list of 30 important events to have occurred in American Jewish communities since the 14th century.

Keep reading to discover some significant events in American Jewish history.

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