Feb. 15, 1943, in The Star: It was 36 degrees F. in Miami, Fla., this morning, and 13 in Atlanta as a cold wave covered the Deep South. In Anniston, high school students got a holiday when the little “Russian winter” brought a low of 11 degrees and put out of commission the automatic stoker of the heating system boiler. School Superintendent C. C. Moseley said that announcements over radio station WHMA prior to school time this morning got notice to a vast majority of the students that classes would not be held; a few showed up anyway. The boiler problem has been fixed and school will operate as usual tomorrow. Also this date: An editorial takes note of the passage in the lower house of the Georgia legislature a constitutional amendment to reduce the voting age in the state to 18 for all elections. The writer further observes that the effort to lower the voting age is not confined to any one state, and that there are several resolutions pending in Congress for an amendment to make the voting age 18. In closing, the editorial endorses this idea. [The U.S. Constitution’s 26th Amendment set this into law in 1971.]

Feb. 15, 1993, in The Star: During an hour-long speech at the Women’s Day service at Mt. Olive Baptist Church on South Christine Avenue in Anniston yesterday, civil rights leader Coretta Scott King mixed calls for a just society with a summons to others to follow her late husband’s philosophy of nonviolence. “Love is the key,” Mrs. King said. “Unconditional love. That means that you forgive those who persecute you now, and love the people who hate you.”