Heat on 10th & Noble

The sun beats down on the intersection of 10th and Noble streets in Anniston Friday afternoon. Temperatures are forecast to reach the upper 90s again this weekend.

Saturday is going to get hot, but the heat index won’t creep high enough for the National Weather Service to issue a heat advisory. 

The week started with a two-day advisory issued by the service, with the heat index ratcheted up as high as 110 degrees in central Alabama, according to the service’s Calera office. Saturday and Sunday might not seem so bad in comparison, with a heat index around 98 degrees, according to meteorologist Jason Davis.

“You’ll have lower dew points and lower humidity values, so the heat index should be pretty close to the actual temperature,” Davis said. 

The temperature and heat index at the Anniston Regional Airport had reached 94 degrees by 4 p.m. Friday, according to data from the Weather Service.

High humidity stops sweat from evaporating, which prevents a person’s body from cooling as efficiently as it would on a dry day. The Weather Service doesn’t issue heat advisories until the heat index reaches 105 degrees, Davis explained. He noted that even if the heat index isn’t advisory-worthy, a hot day is still a hot day. 

“It’s still worth drinking lots of water and being careful,” he said. 

Precautions for those working outside include regular breaks, regular hydration and loose, light-weight clothing in bright colors. 

The early part of next week could arrive with higher humidity, Davis said, but that humidity will likely be accompanied by scattered thunderstorms and showers, on what Davis called “more typical summer afternoons.” 

“They might keep us from being quite as warm,” he said. 

Assistant Metro Editor Ben Nunnally: 256-235-3560.