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Saks woman rescued after tree falls on house

Storm Damage BW 2.JPG

Damage from the Saturday storms. Tree on house in Saxston Drive in Saks. 

First responders rescued a woman in Saks on Saturday afternoon after a tree fell on her home, trapping her inside beneath debris.

Calhoun County Sheriff Matthew Wade said he was at home with his son and Piedmont firefighter Sydney Pointer when he heard the storm had knocked a tree over nearby.

Wade said the three arrived at the home in the 5200 block of Saks Road shortly after, where they met the woman’s neighbor outside.

Wade said they went into a back bedroom, where they found the woman lying on the bed, pinned under part of a brick wall that had fallen on her after a tree hit the house.

Wade said he, his son, sheriff’s deputies, an off-duty Anniston police officer and Pointer and the woman’s husband pulled debris off her until she was able to climb out.

According to Wade, medics took the woman to a nearby hospital. He said she is expected to fully recover from her injuries.

“She was conscious and alert,” Wade said. “When we got the pressure off of her, she was able to climb out by herself.”

Wade said they also found a child in the house, and were able to get that child out unharmed.

Around 3 p.m. at the house, a large tree appeared to have been uprooted and was lying over a caved-in roof and walls.

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