After rescheduling due to weather once already, the “Redneck Christmas Parade” in Webster’s Chapel has been canceled outright.

“We’re not excited to cut it completely off, but because it might rain again, we have to,” said Linda Burnett, one of the parade organizers.

Burnett said that the forecast calls for rain this weekend and the next, which prompted the cancelation in lieu of another postponement. She said the parade will be back next year.

Jason Holmes, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service’s Birmingham office, said that chances of rain should reach almost 100 percent Friday night into Saturday morning, turning the first day of the weekend into “a washout,” he said. The chance of rain will be slightly lower Sunday.

“The good news is that conditions should improve greatly Tuesday, but we’ll have a cold front and you’ll be dealing with cooler temperatures during the day, too,” Holmes said.

He added that meteorologists are watching temperatures, which might drop low enough Monday to turn rain into flurries.

“There’s always a chance of some flurries possible, but I think the better chance is to the north and west (of Calhoun County), in the Tennessee Valley,” Holmes said.

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