Recovery from the March 19, 2018, tornado has been swift in some places, slow in others. The photo comparisons below compare scenes shot in the days after the storm with updated photos shot last week. Click to move the slider from left to right to compare then and now.

A building at what was the Reserve apartment complex, now the Pointe at JSU, took heavy damage which has since been repaired.

This view, shot from Chimney Peak overlooking the storm-damaged neighborhoods, shows the progress made in clearing rights-of-way and repairing damaged homes.

This home on 10th Avenue Northeast has had many downed trees removed from the property, but other signs of repair are few.

This badly damaged home at the corner of Ninth Street Northeast and 12th Ave Northeast was only recently removed by a demolition crew. 

Wallace Hall, home of Jacksonville State University's nursing school, remains in ruins.