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Northeast Alabama’s baking Friday heat burned past a record, according to the National Weather Service.

“Anniston hit 100 degrees, and that broke the old record of 95 set in 1978,” said Nathan Owen, a meteorologist at the service’s Calera office.

“Typically the normal for this time of year is around 85, so obviously we’re dealing with quite a bit above that,” Owen said.

Owen said that that the 5-degree jump in a daily temperature record wasn’t unusual, especially in the later summer months that sometimes see spikes of heat.

“This time of year, I wouldn’t say that 5 degrees is out of the ordinary,” Owen said. “It depends on the day, and it’s kind of hit or miss.”

According to Owen, the heat will stick around through the weekend. 

“Saturday, we’re looking at high temperatures around 94, depending on if it rains,” he said. Anniston will see a 40 percent chance of rain Saturday, according to Owen.

He advised a cautious approach to outdoor activities in the weekend heat.

“We’re expecting warmer conditions there throughout the weekend, so people should be mindful of that and stay hydrated if they have to be outside.”

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