A 17-year-old from Lincoln was hospitalized with a gunshot wound to the face Thursday night after what Calhoun County’s sheriff says was likely a drug deal gone wrong in Hobson City.

The shooter could face an attempted murder charge, if deputies can find him.

“It’s difficult to solve a case when even the victim won’t tell you who shot him,” said Sheriff Matthew Wade.

Deputies received a call Thursday night from someone reporting an altercation and shots fired somewhere on Snow Circle in Hobson City, Wade said. According to deputies’ reports, the call came in around 7:50 p.m.

Deputies found no one at the scene, Wade said, and asked local hospitals to let them know if someone showed up with a gunshot wound.

Around an hour later, Wade said, a teen showed up at Regional Medical Center with what was initially described as a gunshot to the head.

“He’s got a broken nose and a huge gash going up his nose and into his forehead,” Wade said. The teen was sent on to UAB Hospital for treatment, Wade said. He described the 17-year-old as lucky to be alive.

Interviews with the teen led deputies to two other people who were at the scene of the shooting, Wade said, but none of them has given deputies the name or a description of the shooter.

Wade said investigators believe the 17-year-old went to Hobson City with two acquaintances, one from Anniston and the other from Alexandria, with a plan to purchase marijuana. They met with at least one person, Wade said, and at least one shot was fired. After the shooting, the 17-year-old remained injured on the scene and the two acquaintances fled in a red Ford Mustang they’d arrived in.

“His buddies left him there,” Wade said. He said one of the acquaintances had injuries that indicate he was dragged along while trying to enter the car.

Wade said the shooting victim contacted his girlfriend, who brought him to the hospital. Wade said the three in the Mustang, including the shooting victim, seem to be more concerned about facing potential drug charges than about helping deputies find the shooter. The sheriff said putting drug offenders behind bars isn’t his top priority in this case.

“Marijuana is one thing,” he said. “Shooting somebody in the face is a whole different level.”

A few residents on Snow Circle, a cul-de-sac within the a housing project owned by the Hobson City Housing Authority, told a reporter they hadn’t heard or heard about a shooting on the street Thursday night.

Calhoun County’s smallest municipality, Hobson City doesn’t have a police department and is patrolled by sheriff’s deputies.  


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