JACKSONVILLE — In a brief meeting Thursday night, members of the Jacksonville Board of Education decided to begin the process of finding a new home.

Superintendent Mark Petersen said the current district office doesn’t provide adequate space for the school board, which often uses Jacksonville’s Public Safety Complex for meetings.

The office is in a building on College Street SW that’s owned by the university — which has given the board around 15 months to vacate the property. That would likely suit board members, because not only is the space not big enough for them, it’s also not big enough for the audience that usually comes to their meetings.

“We usually have beaucoups of recognitions, a bunch of kids. They usually have to wait outside the room to be recognized,” Petersen said.

The board does own three properties on which a district office might be constructed, but first the land has to be inspected and tested to make sure it will accommodate a new building.

“The endgame for the testing is that we’re eventually going to build a building there,” said Petersen.

He informed the board that it would cost $4,000 to test each site individually, but only $6,000 to test them altogether.

Board member Jeff Gossett said it just makes economic sense to test all three properties at the same time.

“It would cost more just to test two of them individually, rather than testing all three,” added board member Ed Canady.

The board voted unanimously to authorize the testing at all three sites.

One of the board’s properties is on Francis Street and the other two are near Kitty Stone Elementary. One of these sites will hold the new district office.

The next school board meeting will be at 6 p.m. on Jan. 24 at the Public Safety Complex.