Jetta Manners enjoys traveling from her Jacksonville home to have lunch in Golden Springs.

According to Duff Manners, his 94-year-old mother is active enough to get lunch out with her friends on weekdays, but needs her walker, which has wheels and a seat.

“She still gets around pretty good, but she depends on a walker,” said Manners, a retiree of the Jacksonville Police Department and current student resource officer at Kitty Stone Elementary.

On May 31, Jetta Manners returned home after lunch to find her dependable walker gone.

“She left the roller walker out next to her recycle bin, went to eat lunch, and it was gone.”

Manners said he doesn’t know who took the walker, which costs around $60 brand new, but he has a suspicion as to why.

“My guess is someone saw it, thought they would take it for scrap,” he said.

Manners, a lifelong resident of Jacksonville, took to Facebook to voice his disappointment that someone would take something so necessary to Jetta.

“We are disappointed in someone,” Manners wrote in a post on June 1. “My mom uses her cobalt blue walker with wheels to get around her house and to her car. Yesterday someone came on my mom’s property and took the walker. I hope the person responsible gets (the) message and would do the right thing and return the walker.”

Whether it was the person responsible, someone got the message.

After Duff’s sister, Nedra, shared the post to a Facebook group called “Jacksonville Alabama Community Group,” the post picked up attention, generating 30 shares and 75 comments, with well-wishers wondering why someone would take the walker. Several even offered to donate a walker.

“I love Jetta and nobody should ever steal from this precious lady!” wrote commenter Sue Abbott.

Then, anonymously, someone dropped off a brand new walker for Jetta at Jacksonville’s Public Safety Complex.

Manners was contacted by his former employer with the news.

“I don’t have any idea who it was, I was just told they wished to remain anonymous,” he said.

Manners said his mother was overjoyed that someone from her town would think of her.

“Mom always talks about how the town came together during the storm,” he said. “She’s been saying how wonderful the community has been to do that for her.”

The walker even reminded Jetta of her favorite college sports team.

“She’s a big-time Alabama fan,” Manners said. “The new one is almost Alabama crimson, so she is excited about that.”

On June 9, Manners took to Facebook again to update the public about receiving the new walker.

“I am needing to send a special thank you to the unknown person who brought mom a new walker,” he wrote. “We are so thankful we are from a hometown where we take care of each other. Whoever you are, thank you from the Manners family.”


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