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Jacksonville second city to offer a monitored safe site

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Safe buys

The west end of the parking lot at the Jacksonville Public Safety Complex is a designated safe place for those who buy and sell online, compliments of the city’s police department.

Individuals who sell and buy merchandise online sometimes need to exchange money and goods in person, but if the two parties are otherwise strangers, how to make that exchange in a safe manner can be tricky.

Authorities in some cities, such as Oxford, have created specific spots that are always available but always monitored so that both persons can be safe. Now Jacksonville has its own spot. The city has established a “safe site” a few yards from the front door of the police department at the Public Safety Complex. A yellow sign marks the area, which also features bright lights and a 360-degree camera which monitors the space 24 hours a day.

“Being in a college town, and in a professional town with a lot of retirees, it’s important to have a safe space for people to handle those sales,” wrote Jacksonville police Chief Marcus Wood in a press release.

The Public Safety Complex in Jacksonville is at 911 Public Safety Drive. The safe site is located in the west parking lot overlooking the pond.

The address for Oxford Police Department is at 600 Stanley Merrill Drive. The parking lot is monitored and lighted.

Another of the county’s mayors, Ohatchee’s Steve Baswell, likes the idea of having a safe site for online buyers and sellers.

“We mayors meet this week,” Baswell said, “and that may be something we want to talk about.”