Dr. Francis Museum

Dr. Francis' Office, just off Jacksonville's Public Square, is among the settings for a "haunted walking tour" being organized by the city's public library.

The camera snaps on a subject-less scene.

A building hulks there, but there’s not a living soul in sight, at least until a shadowy sprite shows on the spat-out snapshot.

The rest of this spooky story and several more can be heard at a Jacksonville walking tour Saturday organized by the city’s public library.

“Some people are more in tune with shadow people than others,” said Barbara Rowell, the library’s director. “You never know what some people are going to see.”

The Haunted Jacksonville Walking Tour is set for 9 p.m. Saturday at the Public Square, with a second tour scheduled at 10 if warranted. The tour is free for the public, but donations will be accepted to help support the library.

“They’re going to lead people around and talk about some of the sightings,” Rowell said. “There have been some interesting things that have happened.”

Among other interesting tales that will be retold are a hanging, a riot and a ghost dog. The content of some of the stories has Rowell and the library asking for attendees only above the age of 13, while a more kid-friendly Halloween event is planned for later this month.

Tour goers should meet at the library, Rowell said, before guides take guests to several spots on and around the square to share stories. Walkers will travel in and around the square to a few store buildings, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, the pocket park behind Nick’s Place and the Dr. Francis Medical Museum.

This year is the second straight for the library to oversee haunted tours around the square.

“Last year we had more people than we expected, and that’s why we wanted to add a second tour,” Rowell said.

Rowell said that photographs are welcome during the tour, but asked that guests not record the tour on audio or video. Rowell also asked that tour goers wear bright or reflective clothing.

“There’s going to be a group walking around in the dark, and they need to be able to be seen,” Rowell said.

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