Feb. 17, 1943, in The Star: Gen. R. E. Noble of Anniston last night was re-elected president of the Choccolocco Council of Boy Scouts, this being his 17th year as head of the organization. The choice was announced last night at the annual meeting held at the Alabama Hotel and attended by more than 300 from all eight districts of the council. Stirring tribute was paid to Gen. Noble by J. C. Inzer of Gadsden, toastmaster, who announced the re-election. Seven Scouts were presented the coveted Eagle Badges; boys from Anniston receiving the honor were Gerald G. Woodruff, Alfred Killebrew and George Nichopoulos.

Feb. 17, 1993, in The Star: The Anniston City Council decided yesterday it would hold a public hearing next week on the possibility of returning 10th Street to two-way traffic. Bill Collins, who owns the Peerless Saloon building at 13 W. 10th, produced a petition signed by most of the merchants in the area west of Wilmer Avenue. The desire is that the main artery be two-way from west of Wilmer out to Glen Addie. Also this date: A so-called “town meeting” on health care cost reform held last night in Anniston — one of 20 held statewide, co-sponsored by the Alabama Department of Public Health and the Alabama Hospital Association — brought no firm or positive answers. As the U.S. population ages, some were pessimistic that the upward spiral in health-care costs would end anytime soon. “I think before we get to a solution to this problem, we’re going to see the percentage of the gross national product (devoted to medical costs) rise significantly, however distasteful that might seem,” said Stringfellow Hospital administrator Michael Cassidy. Additionally: It’s Oscar time again and a Hollywood announcement today revealed the following are nominated for Best Picture: The Crying Game, A Few Good Men, Howard’s End, Scent of a Woman and Unforgiven. The statues will be handed out in a televised ceremony March 29.