July 13, 1943, in The Star: In the last two months about a dozen persons have been charged with violating the prohibition law in Calhoun County by possessing home brew, and law enforcement officer attribute the return to the homemade concoction to the scarcity of whiskey at legal sources and gasoline rationing. Local grocers are now stocking malt that is put up in glass jars. Malt with either syrup or sugar will produce home brew with a potent amount of alcohol. Also this date: Addressing the Alabama Department of the American Legion convention today, Alabama Gov. Chauncey Sparks deplored the idea that any federal aid or construction contracts would contain any language requiring that black residents or laborers in the South be treated according to federal government standards. “We do not propose to let outsiders force on our people standards of social relations,” Sparks said, noting later, “social equality is impossible” between the races.  

July 13, 1993, in The Star: Piloting a helicopter he had only owned for three weeks, NASCAR star Davey Allison, 32, crashed while trying to land yesterday at Talladega Superspeedway. He died this morning at 7 of massive head injuries at Carraway Methodist Medical Center. Flags were lowered to half-staff this morning at the International Motorsports Hall of Fame, adjacent to the speedway. Allison’s helicopter was an older-model Hughes 500C which did not seem to have a shoulder harness, according to the owner of a Mt. Olive helicopter service company.