Jan. 20, 1943, in The Star: Appointed librarian of the Calhoun County Library in 1929, Mrs. Marguerite Edwards worked hard to make it a viable and popular institution. Local book-lovers today are mourning Mrs. Edwards’ death, which came this morning at Garner Hospital after a short illness. Emerging from humble beginnings, the Calhoun County Library today is a showplace of the courthouse, its rooms in the new annex filled with the best and most practical literature available. She was also responsible for starting the “bookmobile,” which gets books into homes in remote sections of the county. Funeral services for Mrs. Edwards will be tomorrow; she is survived by her brother, William Schroeder. Also this date: Jan. 18, the local temperature reached 77 degrees. Early this morning it was 15, the lowest it has been all winter. Got frozen pipes? Sears will sell you a quart-sized blowtorch, “stronger than U.S. Navy specifications,” for $4.98.

Jan. 20, 1993, in The Star: Two workers performing a routine chemical weapons inspection were sprayed with nerve agent from an M55 rocket they were checking yesterday afternoon, an Anniston Army Depot spokeswoman said. As the inspectors unscrewed a rocket’s sampling plug, some of the straw-colored agent spewed onto their protective clothing. The leaking rocket is one of about 78,000 M55 rockets at the depot.