Feb. 6, 1943, was a Saturday during a 12-year period when The Star didn’t publish on that day of the week.

Feb. 6, 1993, in The Star: Piedmont city officials are suing Attorney General Jimmy Evans and District Attorney Joe Hubbard, hoping to put to rest the longstanding controversy over the legality of pull tabs. The recently filed suit asks the Circuit Court of Calhoun County to decide whether the instant bingo cards are legal in Calhoun County and specifically Piedmont. Pull tabs had been sold at Bonanza Bingo in Piedmont since the parlor opened in June. Four months later, city officials became aware of an opinion written by Hubbard in May saying pull tabs are not a form of bingo and are thus illegal in Alabama. Hubbard told city leaders anyone involved in using the pull tabs would be subject to arrest. He also said a Piedmont ordinance allowing pull tabs carries no weight. Also this date: Dearly Departed, which opened last night at ACTheater, is a bright comedy about a dark subject, Mike Stedham tells us in a review. Although the action of Dearly Departed is set in motion by the death of Bud Turpin, most of the laughs come from the tangled lives led by his survivors. Bud shuffles off his mortal coil unceremoniously a few minutes into Act 1 while his wife, Raynelle, is reading a letter from his sister, Marguerite. The uniformly strong cast showcases the talents of Phyllis Taylor, Sandy Gammon, Tim Worsham, David White, Pati Tiller, Kent Walker, Jason Kennah, Katie Robertson and Tamara Jobst. Director Josephine Ayers keeps the action short, sharp and funny.