Feb. 26, 1943, in The Star: In a front-page notice the newspaper’s management explains that as much as the company has tried to delay raising the cost of its news product to the reader, the rise in the cost of raw materials has brought on the inevitable. Therefore, beginning March 1 the price of The Anniston Star by carrier will be 25 cents per week, $1.10 per month. A large part of this increase will be given to the carriers, who deliver the paper in all sorts of weather. “We feel confident that our readers will appreciate our position and realize that the general rise in costs of practically everything in the nation has not left the newspapers untouched,” the notice states. Also this date: A special worship service will be held on Sunday morning, Feb. 28, at First Baptist Church in honor of the Rev. L. N. Claxton, who celebrates his 33rd anniversary as pastor of the church on that day. Members from various congregations of the city will be present to honor “Brother” Claxton, the dean of Anniston’s clergymen.

Feb. 26, 1993, in The Star: Facing stiff competition from chain discount drug stores and battling drug prices and insurance payments unfavorable to the independent druggist, pharmacist Hank Jones has decided to close the Lenlock drug store he has operated for 17 years. Before Jones took over the business, Joe Catrett owned it; he opened the store in its present location on the Jacksonville highway in 1961, moving it away from the nearby row of small shops where he had established it in 1956. Also disappearing in the closure will be the business’ iconic sign: a delight of neon motion, showing drops of liquid falling into a beaker and being mixed with a stirrer. The store was also known for its homemade sandwiches of grilled cheese or tuna salad.