June 23, 1942, in The Star: A share-your-car and share-your-truck program of neighborliness is being inaugurated among farmers of Calhoun County at the suggestion of the local war board of the Department of Agriculture. This program is being instituted because of a shortage of tires and parts of motor vehicles. All farmers have been urged to cooperate in neighborhood pooling. “Every farmer should let his neighbors know when he goes into town and offer to take them or run errands for them. When a trip is necessary it should serve more than one family whenever possible,” said E. S. Prickett, chairman of the Calhoun County USDA War Board. Also this date: Following a call issued yesterday by The Anniston Star for all automobile owners to turn in to their filling stations the rubber mats which line the luggage carriers of most cars, T. L. McMinn of Weaver revealed this morning that he was two days ahead of this call and had turned in his mat already. It was previously noted that the scrap rubber drive in this section had produced disappointing results so far.

June 23, 1992, in The Star: Citing soaring health care costs, Regional Medical Center’s board of trustees approved a budget last night that will increase costs by 15 percent — a larger cost jump than the hospital has seen in several years. The increase should affect all services. Said RMC Administrator Allen Fletcher, “Everyone assumes because our bills are high that we’re making a lot of money,” Fletcher said. “The expenses have risen far faster than the net patient revenue.”